Highland Lawn Care Services:

Call for free estimates.  We will beat any competitor's estimate for similar services.

Fertilizing and Weed Control Applications:

  • Customized applications of fertilizer and herbicides to minimize chemicals while maximizing the health of your lawn.  Be cautious of companies that apply 7 or more applications!  You may be getting very little per application while paying more!  Highland Lawn Care uses proven methods and experience to diagnose what your lawn may need and customizes treatments throughout the season.  Your grass will be greener on your side of the fence when using Highland Lawn Care!
 "Our neighborhood has to have the greenest lawns since we all use Highland Lawn Care to treat our lawns"  -J.M. Germantown


  • Meticulous care of trimming and mowing of your lawn to highlight the beauty of your home.  Your neighbors will wonder how you have time to keep your lawn so well maintained as you relax and enjoy the summer.                                                         "My lawn has not looked this great in years!" - C.D. Sussex
  • Yard Clean-up:

    • Spring and fall grooming of ornamental plantings, along with leaf and brush removal.  Get a jump start on a well maintained yard with having us quickly get rid of the planting debris from the previous growing season.  Have the dreaded job done and gone without worry or sweat while taking pride in a beautiful lawn.

    Ornamental Pruning and Shaping:

    • Have trees, shrubs and flowers outgrown your ambition to maintain them?  Let us quickly return your plantings to the young vibrant look of when you first planted them. 
     "Dave and his crew worked so quickly and did such a great job trimming and cleaning the plant beds, it was worth every penny"
    - R.P. Pewaukee

    Aerating & Over-seeding:

  • Invigorate your lawn with plug aeration and over-seeding to create a lawn with a lush green look without the mess of added topsoil.  This is one of the most cost effective ways to create a lush new lawn.  "Renting and aerating my lawn myself is not worth it when I can hire Dave to do affordably and save time!"   -A.R. Menomonee Falls
  • Lawn De-thatching

    • Wake up your lawn and breathe new life into your lawn by removing the weakened or dead grasses.  De-thatching will prevent invasive bugs, fungus and molds from taking root.  De-thatching is a great way to start the growing season.                                       "I didn't realize how much dead grass was in the lawn.  The lawn looks so much greener now!"  -R.P. Hartford

    Mulching of Planting Beds:

  • Has your planting beds lost their fresh look or with weeds present?  Choose from a variety of mulch such as hemlock, oak, cedar, eco-mulch or many more to add that finishing touch to the beauty of your planting beds. -My home looks totally different with new mulch!  My flowers and bushes look so much better!"  -W.G. Hartland
  • Plant Bed Re-defining:

    • Is it difficult to see where your lawn ends and your planting beds begin?  We can quickly reclaim that distinctive edge between your lawn and mulch beds creating that clean pristine look.
    • "It would have taken me all day to bed edge.  It was worth the money to have Dave just get it done!" -R.G. Brookfield
    Snow Removal:
    Professional snow removal services clearing residential and commercial properties.  Driveways, parking lots, sidewalks and salt applications.
    Ask about our senior citizen discounts.

    Phone Dave at:  414-403-1744
    e-mail:  Daveathighland@gmail.com